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ABC announces Fall lineup
For geeky 11-year-old Adam (Sean Giambrone) these were his wonder years, and he faced them armed with a video camera to capture all the crazy. The Goldbergs are ... a land of magic and malevolence, where mythical creatures lurk in the woods, agents of ...
Upcoming furry comics for June 2013 (Previews and Marvel Previews)
Ferals Volume Two Trade Paperback Written by David Lapham, art by Gabriel Andrade Full color, 160 pages, US $19.99, rated MR “David Lapham has re-defined the modern werewolf tale in a gripping human drama full of violence, sex and horror with Ferals!
Watch THE MONKEY KING Unleashed In First Teaser
Mtime reports the film will contain over 2600 special effects shots with plenty of green-screen to create the mythical world and it ... He learns magic from the Old Master Puti, the magic tricks to ride on flying cloud, freeze people's action and transform ...
Modest Marvels: Kirsten Dunst falls from heaven in a film not quite as radiant
Actually, that's an image writer-director Juan Solanas could have run with in Upside Down, his romantic fantasy about a boy, Adam (Jim Sturgess), and a girl, Eden (Dunst), who come from two different mythical ... have enough visual tricks in their bag ...
R.I.P., Ray Harryhausen
In the 1930s, you can't just call up a making-of video on YouTube and teach yourself filmmaking techniques. Ray has to piece together an understanding of how the effects in Kong were achieved. He builds a cave-bear puppet ... was master of his domain ...
Got 'em, need 'em
But the bubble burst at the turn of the century, popped by cable TV, the Internet, Yu-Gi-Oh, you name it. "Kids collect re-Tweets the way we collected cards," says Greene. "Still, I can't wait to show my collection to my oldest son, who's four ...